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phones answered 24/7 for immediate jail release


hurst traffic ticket attorney - hurst, tx

Jack Byno & Associates have been defending clients against Hurst traffic tickets for over 20 years. Have you been pulled over in the City of Hurst, and issued a ticket for speeding or another traffic offense? When neglected for long enough, traffic violations will go to warrant, which means that you could be arrested and thrown in jail. Consider retaining our law firm to defend against your traffic violations in the Court. No matter whether your Hurst traffic offense was minor, such as for speeding, or more severe, such as a DWI charge, our Hurst traffic ticket attorneys may be able to help you dispute your violation in the Hurst Municipal Court.​ Read More >

Challenging Hurst Speeding Tickets

In the case that you have been stopped by a police officer for driving over the speed limit in Hurst, Texas, you may fight the speeding ticket if you think it in your best interest to do so. The lawyers at the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno have been defending clients with speeding violations in the Hurst Municipal Court since 1994, and know what it takes to keep clients' driving records clean. While consequences of pending Hurst speeding citations may include DL suspension and increased auto insurance rates, our law firm may still be retained to help you challenge your ticket in court, no matter whether you have a CDL or a Class C driver's license. Read More >

Defending Against Hurst CDL Violations

Are you a CDL holder worried about a traffic ticket you have received in Hurst, Texas? If so, you are understandably concerned about how your livelihood may be affected by the violation, as your career depends largely on your clean driving record. The traffic ticket attorneys at Jack Byno & Associates have been defending against CDL violations in the Hurst Municipal Court for more than 20 years. Because we have been in practice for so long, and can sympathize with your ultimate mission to safeguard your means of living, we may be able to negotiate a deal for you in court, even though CDL holders are not eligible for defensive driving courses or deferred probation. Read More >

Lifting Hurst Traffic Warrants

Perhaps the Hurst Municipal Court has issued a warrant for your arrest over outstanding speeding tickets issued to you by police. You may soon be thrown behind bars, or have your driver's license suspended. If you are concerned about a Hurst traffic warrant, consider contacting the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno. We may be able to post bond for you and get your warrants lifted. In the case that you have already been arrested due to Hurst traffic warrants, keep in mind that our lawyers may be able to post bail for you, ensure your release from jail, and then represent you at your court hearing.​ Read More >

DL Suspension in Hurst

If you have not responded to a traffic violation issued to you by law enforcement in Hurst, Texas, or if you have been convicted of DWI or another serious offense, you may be up against a driver's license suspension. DL suspension can also be the result of a determination made by a medical professional, as to your ability to safely operate a vehicle. If you are seeking guidance regarding your Hurst DL suspension, why not seek counsel from Jack Byno & Associates? We may be able to obtain for you a temporary driver's license known as an Occupational Driver's License (ODL). This is an Essential Need License and, if granted to you by the court, can be used for transportation to work, school and other essential locations. Read More >

Fighting Hurst DWI & DUI Charges

Perhaps an officer with the Hurst Police Department has pulled you over and determined that you have been driving drunk. In the case that you are facing a Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) conviction, keep in mind that the consequences are serious, and not limited to, arrest, DL suspension, and State Surcharges. Drivers convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Hurst, Texas may face similar repercussions. Even though it may seem as if you have reached the end of the road in terms of fighting your Hurst DWI or DUI charge, consider contacting Jack Byno & Associates. We have been providing defense for clients charged with these and other traffic offenses for over 20 years. Read More >

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