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phones answered 24/7 for immediate jail release


hurst cdl & trucking violation attorney

Jack Byno & Associates have been helping commercial truck drivers deal with Hurst trucking violations for more than 20 years. Are you a CDL holder worried about how a traffic ticket issued to you in the City of Hurst will affect your driving record and, by extension, your livelihood? Then consider getting in touch with our law office. In the past our legal representatives have successfully helped CDL holders keep points off their driving records otherwise accumulated from Hurst CDL violations. Please be aware that as a commercial trucker you face more restrictions than the average driver when it comes to seeking alternatives to points on your record. While this means that deferred probation and State-approved defensive driving courses are unattainable, our lawyers may be able to defend you in the Hurst Municipal Court, maybe even without your presence required. Questions on Hurst CDL and trucking violations? Fill out our Traffic Ticket Contact Form or visit our FAQ page.

CDL Holders Issued Speeding Tickets in Hurst

CDL drivers pulled over and written speeding tickets in Hurst, Texas, are understandably concerned that their violation will negatively affect their driving record. Stop wasting time worrying about your Hurst trucking violation, and the effect it could eventually have on your livelihood, and get in touch with the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno. Our attorneys know how to defend commercial truck drivers in the Hurst Municipal Court and have been doing so since 1994. With experience comes expertise, and we have over 20 years experience working out deals for CDL drivers issued tickets for speeding and other traffic violations.

Disputing Hurst CDL Trucking Violations

When you retain us to help you dispute your Hurst CDL violation in the Municipal Court, keep in mind that the court will consider the many aspects and reasons behind your traffic ticket. These details can include whether or not you were in your truck or your personal vehicle at the time you were issued your Hurst CDL violation, previous convictions you have on your driving record, and the speed at which you were driving. Your lawyer may also request to review these aspects before your hearing as well, so that they may be better equipped to defend you and your driving record in court.

trials for Hurst CDL Violations
Once you hire Jack Byno & Associates to dispute your Hurst CDL violation, your lawyer may inform you that a trial is the best course of action for you to take in regards to safeguarding your driving record. Because we have been practicing Texas traffic law since 1994, and have been successful in the past with helping CDL holders with their Hurst trucking violations, you can trust us when we say that a Municipal Court trial may be road we need to take to keep points off your record and get you back behind the wheel. It may even be possible that evidence presented will show, in your favor, that the officer who originally wrote you your traffic ticket was not correct to do so.

Warrants over Hurst CDL Traffic Violations

You should be informed that the Hurst Municipal Court will issue a warrant for your arrest past due Hurst CDL violations. It would be best for you to get in touch with the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno before you are arrested, if a traffic warrant has been issued for you. We have posting bond and lifting warrants for clients in Hurst for over 20 years. Do not allow your CDL and career to be placed on the line because of a traffic violation or arrest warrant. Let us plead your case in the Municipal Court, so that an acceptable deal may be worked out on your behalf. While you may not have to appear in court with us when we attend your scheduled hearing, keep in mind D.O.T. stops and the annual Hurst Warrant Roundup.

More on Hurst CDL & Trucking Violations
If you are seeking additional information on Hurst CDL and trucking violations, give the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno a call today. You may also wish to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. Please see our FAQ page, fill out our Traffic Ticket Contact Form, or contact us at 817-685-0912.